Flying Kraken is one of the animation industry’s leading boutique design studios. Our services begin anywhere from original concepts at bible phase through art direction of an entire series. There is design and then there is drawing. At Flying Kraken, we believe visual storytelling happens when you combine artistic skill with designing to the potential of the script or bible.

We call it story by design and here is how it works …


For original design, initial character concepts begin with abandon. We push and explore as many styles as possible. We start with main characters focusing on proportions, posing and expression. Creating shape language to find interesting shapes, symmetry or asymmetry, or shape that may denote a specific era, feeling or genre. Once we have main characters, we carry that shape language and design philosophy through the remaining characters and locations to ensure the I.P. has a very specific and identifiable brand look. With existing brands, bring that same uniqueness and life to new characters by pushing as much as possible while staying on brand.


Once we have approved designs, we explore palettes that enhance character personality and the world itself. We explore how colour and light can be used for emotion and to create motifs for different characters and environments. We look to create a contrast of lines and colors and areas of great detail with little detail
...all to tell the visual story!